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Radiation therapy is effective if a person is in severe pain, as well as in the case of chylothorax. Pamidronate and zoledronic acid, as well as interferon alfa-2b, have been used as experimental treatments. The response to the use of motilium pills substances varies from patient to patient.

This disease can equally occur in both sexes, it can potentially occur at any age, but most cases are detected at a young age. Osteolysis of bones - caused by an increase in the number of osteoclasts, the number of which increases due to non-tumor proliferation of lymphatic and blood vessels in the affected area. In this disease, the affected bones begin to slowly break down and be replaced by vascular fibrous connective tissue.

humerus pelvis skull lower jaw Damage to the spleen and soft tissues is a manifestation of the underlying disease. Radiography and computed tomography. Intramedullary or subcortical lesions are often buy domperidone manifestation of pathology.

Pathology progresses to deep osteolysis of the affected bone without compensatory mechanisms.

Among the deformities of the musculoskeletal system, the leaders stand out in terms of the number of recorded cases - arthritis, arthrosis, scoliosis, valgus foot. Genetically predetermined anomalies are much less common. These include the very rare Gorham's disease, first described by the American L.W. Gorham in 1954. She was later named after him. In the medical literature, you can find the names Gorham-Stout syndrome, osteovascular dysplasia, hemangiomas with osteolysis, phantom or disappearing bone, osteolysis (spontaneous, essential, traumatic massive).

This is a deformation (destruction) of motilium pills tissue, accompanied by a decrease in mineral and organic components. At the same time, at first, solid structures retain their shape, but at the same time, a process of vascular proliferation is observed, which in medical science is called a vascular malformation. Most often, these neoplasms belong to the venous type and replace the bone, slowly destroying it.

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Also, malformations are soft tissue or skin. The foci of manifestation of the disease are usually unilateral in nature, they are accompanied by osteolysis, combined with fibrosis, bone resorption, which is associated with angiomatosis of the lymphatic and blood vesselsov.

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The reasons why Gorham's disease occurs have not yet been identified by modern science.

It is known that osteolysis becomes a complication at the site of injury, fracture. Sometimes this disease occurs as a concomitant with visceromegaly, hemangioma of the skin, capillary hemangiomas of the spinal cord, pleurisy and peritonitis, which are hemorrhagic in nature. Scientific studies have not revealed any racial, generic predisposition, although, after systematizing information about patients, it was possible to find out that adolescents and young men are more susceptible to the disease.  

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Specific symptoms characteristic only for this disease are not described.

This makes it difficult to diagnose the anomaly early. Initially, patients complain of constant aching pain, periodic adynamia (muscle weakness). In parallel with this, the general condition of the client is constantly deteriorating, ailments, loss of strength become commonplace.  

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In the history of medicine, cases were recorded when people, turning to a doctor for the first time, complained of an acute, and sometimes chronic pain syndrome, the nature of which no one could explain.